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Childhood Adenotonsillectomy Trial

Dataset Introduction

The CHAT dataset posted on the NSRR has gone through various post-processing steps in order to prepare the data for more widespread sharing. The source data are from the CHAT Data Coordinating Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Changes and updates to the source data and have been coordinated in the chat-data-dictionary repository.

Disclaimer: These data are not perfect. Known implausible or impossible values have been tracked and documented in our KNOWNISSUES list. Please submit issues for any new problematic findings.

Structure of the Dataset

The dataset is broken down into baseline and followup files, each of which contain 453 rows. Participants who withdrew or did not complete the protocol will have a greater prevalence of missing data in the followup file. Use nsrrid, the CHAT subject identifier, to link datasets with raw polysomnography data.

Note: EDF/XML files are available for nonrandomized CHAT subjects (i.e. those who did not meet all eligibility criteria to be randomized). Covariate data for the nonrandomized group are also available.

Data collection forms

The NSRR provides original data collection forms as PDFs. Many variables link to these forms to give users a better idea about the origins of the underlying data.

The forms are included here for historical purposes only and are not intended for use in prospective studies. If you wish to use these forms, please check existing copyrights and regulations beforehand.


Please reach out to us at support@sleepdata.org or in the Forum if you have questions.

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Childhood Adenotonsillectomy Trial