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Sleep Heart Health Study

6.1 Objectives

The Sleep Reading Center (SRC) for the SHHS will:

  • Provide centralized training for aspects of SHHS related to the performance of polysomnograms (PSGs).

  • Provide ongoing technical support for the performance of sleep studies, providing “second line” advice regarding troubleshooting of problem studies (after consultation with local resources), and acting as a liaison with the equipment supplier to identify equipment problems and solutions.

  • Provide timely review (for quality and medical alerts) and scoring of all records, generating reports needed for participant feedback and data files for central (Coordinating Center - CC) processing.

  • Provide complete scoring of all sleep studies, with generation of reports that summarize key sleep and respiratory data.

  • Participate in on-going quality assurance efforts to maintain high levels of scoring accuracy and technical performance of tests at the field sites. These include assistance in trouble-shooting site-specific and study–wide problems, perform site visits, report generation, lead regular conference calls with technicians and members of a Polysomnography SubCommittee.

  • Produce and archive a clean, edited data set of raw and scored poylsomnographs.

  • Maintain a data dictionary relevant to polysomnograph variables.

  • Assess comparability of signals collected for SHHS-2 as compared to SHHS-1.

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Sleep Heart Health Study