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About the variable "posqual" in the SHHS

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minkas +0 points · about 2 months ago


I was checking the variable dictionary file in the shhs when I realized the variable "posqual" from Measurements/Polysomnography/Signal Quality category was described "Sleep Heart Health Study Visit 2 (SHHS2)-These vary from 1 (poorest) to 5 (best) and reflect the proportion of sleep time the signals were useable", however its domain was "sigqual", which had values varied between 0 and 4 due to the domain dictionary file. Then, I checked the shhs1 file named "shhs-data-dictionary-0.13.1-variables.csv" and I saw this variable in this file while the values of this variable were between 0 and 4. Therefore, I would like to inform the others that the description of this category is wrong, and *this variable belongs to the SHHS1, not SHH2. *


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mrueschman +0 points · about 2 months ago

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will create this as an issue for us to fix in a future SHHS release.