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Downloading NSRR data using Ruby

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ekosik +0 points · over 1 year ago

Trying to follow these instructions to download RVM for mac (https://github.com/remomueller/documentation/blob/master/macos/130-install-rvm.md).

These were not sufficient because when I tried to enter the code, logged in and out to reload bash, then went to Users & Groups, I did not see "rvm" under Groups.

Then when I googled how to download RVM on a mac, I saw articles like this (https://jeffreymorgan.io/articles/ruby-on-macos-with-rvm/) and this (https://nrogap.medium.com/install-rvm-in-macos-step-by-step-d3b3c236953b), which had me download GPG using homebrew.

I did this, but once I got to "installing the GPG public keys", it gives me an error: "gpg: keyserver receive failed: Network is unreachable". When I googled this error, I see conversations about how "SKS keyservers are deprecated and going offline" and whatever solution they mention is too convoluted for me to understand. (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1372425/gpg-keyserver-receive-failed).

How do I download RVM? Please, any help would be very appreciated.

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mrueschman +0 points · over 1 year ago

Hey - sorry, those instructions may now be outdated.

Perhaps try Homebrew and rbenv instead - I ran through these instructions today successfully: https://gorails.com/setup/macos/10.12-sierra

Try installing ruby 3.2.0. Once you get "ruby -v" showing 3.2.0 then you should be OK to do "gem install nsrr" and then run the "nsrr download <dataset>" commands.

Good luck!