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STAGES Dataset - Headers

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DibishaTP +0 points · over 1 year ago

Hi team, I really appreciate your work in generating the datasets!!

I have a query regarding STAGES Dataset. In the edf file, i could not observe ECG signal in the headers. Below are the headers available:

'E1M2', 'E2M2', 'C3M2', 'C4M1', 'O1M2' ,'O2M1', 'F3M2', 'F4M1', 'F1M2', 'F2M1', 'FLOW', 'PTAF', 'SNOR', 'EKG', 'THOR', 'ABDM', 'RLEG', 'LLEG','32','CFLO', 'LEAK', 'IPAP', 'EPAP', 'ETC2', 'WAVE', 'POS', 'DC08', 'T3M2', 'T4M1', 'SpO2', 'Plth', 'CHIN', 'Pz', 'P4'

We could see that EKG and ECG are same . So is that the reason why EKG is given here in headers?

Could you please let me know if i have misunderstood any of the variable wrongly or ECG is present in the above headers?

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mrueschman +1 point · over 1 year ago

I believe the STAGES signal names are not harmonized across sites, so you will find different signal labels in the EDF headers from site to site.

I suggest checking out the documentation provided in this folder as you go through the EDFs from different sites - https://sleepdata.org/datasets/stages/files/original/Site%20Specific%20PSG%20Notes%20and%20Information

ECG/EKG data collection may have differed between sites.