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unuhrou under Sleep/Polysomnography (PSG)/Administrative in CHAT
1=Medical alert for unusual heart rate or electrocardiogram (ECG)
Reply by mrueschman on April 13, 2020 on Forum
... rate less than 24 bpm) are misdetections rather then ... heart rate of 36 bpm. If a 5-min window ... 63.9 [58 – 69.8] bpm. Note that HRV is ...
bpmavg5 under Polysomnography in MESA
bpmmax5 under Polysomnography in MESA
bpmmin5 under Polysomnography in MESA
alertecghr150 under Polysomnography/Signal Quality in NUMOM2B
alertecghr40 under Polysomnography/Signal Quality in NUMOM2B
Reply by SaraMariani on May 3, 2016 on Forum
... in beats per minute (bpm). To answer your second ...