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Heart Biomarker Evaluation in Apnea Treatment

0.5.0 (June 8, 2022)

  • Removed many HSAT variables that were difficult to define and represent with the modified scoring rules used in HeartBEAT
  • Add the initial set of harmonized variables (nsrr_*)
  • Update many variable labels
  • Add Screening Form and link associated variables
  • Gem Changes
    • Update to Spout 1.0.0
  • The CSV dataset is located here:
    • \\rfawin\bwh-sleepepi-heartbeat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.5.0\

0.4.0 (June 22, 2017)

  • Update display names and descriptions to spell out abbreviations
  • Update description for agecat variable
  • Change primary subject identifier to nsrrid variable (previously obf_pptid)
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export is located here:
    • \\rfawin\bwh-sleepepi-heartbeat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.4.0\
    • heartbeat-baseline-dataset-0.4.0.csv
    • heartbeat-followup-dataset-0.4.0.csv
  • Gem Changes
    • Updated to spout 0.12.1
    • Updated to ruby 2.4.1

0.3.0 (March 16, 2016)

  • Add unit for bmi variable
  • Removed extraneous variables: site, age, withother_text, rctsourceoth_text
  • Re-order sex domain answer options
  • Fix SAS script to carry treatmentarm into follow-up dataset for all subjects
  • Change race variable to race3 to match other datasets (1: W, 2: B, 3: O)
  • Fix units of Embletta Pulse rate variables and change Sp02 to SpO2
  • Remove ahi1 and ahi2 variable
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export is located here:
    • \\rfa01\bwh-sleepepi-heartbeat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.3.0\
    • heartbeat-baseline-dataset-0.3.0.csv
    • heartbeat-followup-dataset-0.3.0.csv

0.2.1 (January 19, 2016)

  • Fixed naming convention of "HeartBEAT Medical Outcomes Study (SF-36)" form
  • Fixed a coverage issue for agecat
  • Gem Changes
    • Updated to ruby 2.3.0
    • Updated to spout 0.11.0

0.2.0 (August 29, 2014)


  • Sleep and Health Questionnaire variables and Medication variables have been condensed into single, omni-visit variables, rather than visit-specific ones where possible
  • Eligibility variables for which all responses were either 'Yes' or 'No' (exclusion or inclusion criteria) have been removed from the dataset
  • Many date variables have been removed from the dataset as well, because they are synonymous with either the index date or final_visit_date variables
  • Treatment arm has been added to the final dataset to allow it to be used as a stratification factor on sleepdata.org graphs
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export is located here:
    • \\rfa01\bwh-sleepepi-heartbeat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.2.0\
    • heartbeat-baseline-dataset-0.2.0.csv
    • heartbeat-final-dataset-0.2.0.csv

0.1.2 (August 27, 2014)


  • Variables are now associated with the appropriate annotated codebook forms
  • Summary variables have been marked as commonly_used: true for sleepdata.org
  • Randomized treatment arm is now a stratification for sleepdata.org graphs
  • Forms now follow a standardized naming convention
  • Gem Changes
    • Updated to spout 0.9.0.beta2

0.1.1 (July 11, 2014)


  • Display names have been cleaned up to remove the prefix of what form they belong to, in order to place more focus on the actual question
  • Variable descriptions now contain detailed information for certain ECG and Screening variables

0.1.0 (July 3, 2014)


  • All participants have been assigned an obfuscated ID number as obf_pptid and all other potentially identifiable variables have been removed from the dataset
  • The CSV datasets generated from a SAS export is located here:
    • \\rfa01\bwh-sleepepi-heartbeat\nsrr-prep\_releases\0.1.0\
    • heartbeat-baseline-dataset-0.1.0.csv
    • heartbeat-final-dataset-0.1.0.csv
  • Script Changes
    • Missing codes are stripped out en masse, using an array method
    • An additional SAS script, heartbeat dataset macros.sas, is bundled with the dataset to facilitate easy renaming of variables
    • Ages are calculated using exact dates, rather than staff-entered values, and then used to formulate a categorical age
    • All date values are exported as 'days from index date', with the index date being the date of randomization
  • Gem Changes
    • Use of Ruby 2.1.2 is now recommended
    • Updated to spout 0.8.0