Heart Biomarker Evaluation in Apnea Treatment

Montage and Sampling Rate Information

The settings below represent the standards set at the beginning of the project. There may be a small proportion of studies and signals that do not match these standards exactly. Please review the settings at the individual sleep study level as you proceed with any analyses.

Channel Sampling Rate (Hz) Hardware Filters (Hz) Sensor Type
Nasal 20 None applied Nasal cannula
Abdomen 10 None applied Embla XactTrace belt
Thorax 10 None applied Embla XactTrace belt
Snore 10 None applied Nasal cannula-vibratory
SpO2 3 None applied Nonin 8000
Pulse 3 None applied Nonin 8000
RD-Pleth 75 None applied Nonin 8000
Position 10 None applied Embla internal X-Y gravity
EKG 200 None applied Ag/AgCl patch

For more information please refer to Portable Sleep Monitoring.